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Animated Short film "Gum"
Directed/animated by Karolina Bielskytė
Sound by Robert Stelmach

‘Gum’ is a short animation inspired by the newspaper headline ‘Our Streets Are Suffering from A Monstrous Plague of Chewing Gum Blotches’. According to some articles - chewing gum is the world's second most common litter after cigarette buds, each piece of gum can cost up to £1 to remove from the street floor. It takes three months to clear 300 000 splodges from London Oxford Street alone.

The film is highly based on Dada art movement ideas and is used as an opportunity to reveal the true perception and criticism of the times we live in, our grotesque behaviour and habits. Art, the Dadaist believed, should not be an escape from daily events, but rather it should make the chaos and problems of contemporary life visible. ‘The Gum’ uses collage animation, photomontage techniques and Dada aesthetic to mock our behaviour and encourage, influence people to dispose their gum properly. 

GUM - teaser

Teaser for the Animated Short film "Gum"

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