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Karolina Bielskytė is a director, animator, interdisciplinary art practitioner.

She was recognized in 2014 with The VISCOM Ian Emes award from Birmingham Repertory Theatre, and her work was displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as a part of Designing for Shakespeare weekend. Her hybrid installation “The Contraption” was recognised at the festivals across the UK and Lithuania and was one of the 65 projects from 23 countries selected by the international jury to be part of the NEU/NOW Festival.

From 2016 – 2018, Karolina studied MA in Animation at the University of the West of England and explored different animation techniques, projection possibilities and digital technologies. She was working with the companies such as BBC, Royal Academy of Music, Davy and Kristin McGuire and Tessa Bide Productions.

Specialising in motion graphic animation, Karolina is working across multidisciplinary projects, art installations, projection mapping work, music videos, commercials and TV shows.




‘The Door’ installation, Collective exhibition, The Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK, 2017

European League of Institutes of the Arts - The NEU/NOW Festival, Collective exhibition, Glasgow, UK, 2014 


9 Lives of the Artist - Exhibition of Young Emigrant Lithuanian Artists, Collective exhibition, UMI Gallery, Vilnius, LT, 2014

UK Young Artists Leicester Festival 2014, Collective exhibition, Two Queens Gallery, Leicester, UK, 2014


IX International Media Arts and Music Festival ‘Centras‘, Collective exhibition, Kaunas, LT, 2014


‘Shakespeare in a Suitcase‘ installation BE Festival, Collective exhibition, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, UK, 2014


The VISCOM Ian Emes Awards, Birmingham Repertory Theatre Award, UK, 2014


‘The Contraption‘ installation, Solo exhibition, BCU Parkside Building, Birmingham, UK, 2014


World Stage Design exhibition: ‘The Mad Scenographer Of Illyria’ - Set & Costume Design Installation, Cardiff, Wales, UK, 2013


‘Shakespeare in a suitcase’, Collective exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, 2012


Award from the Council of Kaunas town in the Christmas postcards competition, LT, 2011


The University of the West of England - MA Animation, Bristol, 2016 - 2018

Birmingham City University - BA Theatre, Performance and Event Design, Birmingham, 2014 - 2011

Kaunas High School of Art -  A levels and Fine Art, Kaunas, 2003 – 2011


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