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Focus season I - Animation compilation

Animation director: Karolina Bielskytė

Compilation music: QubeSounds - Abstract Style

Produced by Just a Moment 

The analytical Lithuanian national television culture show Fokusas/Focus covers cultural phenomena, cultural figures and ideas. The show’s audience spans existing and potential consumers of culture, creators and cultural workers. Every episode offers them unhurried and comprehensive discussions with experts and creators about culture and public life. The axis of the show is asking complex, abiding questions that have no single unambiguous answer. 

My role as an animation director was to visually illustrate or accompany peoples thoughts with engaging animation inserts that would help to stimulate and keep the viewers engaged with the stories and presented ideas. 

Focus S01E05: Industrial heritage: protect or destroy?

Focus S01E26: What does performance art want to achieve?

Focus S01E19: How do art and architecture interact?

Focus S01E12: Why do we need those old things?

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