Animation based on the BBC Radio 4 conversation Miracles: Muleya and Mubina.

Also can be found on the official BBC website:

Mubina and her friend Muleya both came to Scotland as refugees. Mubina is originally from Pakistan and Muleya came from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They shared a conversation about escaping repression and starting over, and here Muleya asks her friend if she believes in miracles and Mubina explains how one came true for her when she had nowhere else to turn.

Finding miracles in a very simple everyday routine attracted me to this conversation. The whole animation is based on the map idea and creates a real sense of the long and tiring walk that they had to undertake. Characters itself are highly stylised to emphasize mothers struggle and dedication to her child. Finally, the moment when she felt that “God was very near to her” culminates the story teaching us that miracles can be waiting for us every day just around the corner.


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Karolina Bielskyte