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Exhibition at the Birmingham Rep September 2014 to January 2015


Accompanying The REP’s new season will be an exciting new interactive audio visual installation. Sculptor Rob Olins and his team transforms The FOYER into an audio gallery where you can hear audio collages of Birmingham’s rich musical culture, the sounds of theatre being created, and many other locally sourced sound fragments. Accompanying the soundscapes are a series of visual montages of people making and enjoying music. Photographs are by Vanley Burke, Gil Gillis ARPS, Robert Burley, Angela Maloney and Pauline Chadaway.


Olins uses sound like sculptors model in clay. The audio effect bounces off brightly coloured sound mirrors creating a series of sweet spots or small volumes of space where the sound is focussed and intense. As you walk through the foyer you will pass through the sweet spots experiencing at one moment a general low level of mixed sound to a clear audio experience.


Olins has been working with some of the REP’s volunteers who have been recording sounds and taking photographs within the theatre and throughout the city.

Installation art
Birmingham Repertory Theatre
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