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Victoria and Albert Museum

The installation based on the set and costume designs for ''Twelfth Night; or, What you Will'' by William Shakespeare was displayed as part of a Designing for Shakespeare weekend at the Victoria & Albert Museum.


‘The Mad Scenographer of Illyria’


Inspired by Twelfth Night, this performance explores the unknown land of Illyria after a shipwreck. Here, a suitcase is discovered. Opening the suitcase is like starting to solve the puzzle of its owner’s life. The suitcase involves everyone in the life of the mad scenographer who dwells there, and reveals a sense of her thinking, seeing and creation. Everything is conveyed through simple objects and every little detail can help the character to unfold. The audience must find out for themselves who the owner of the suitcase is and try to put together the pieces of her life and creation.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Shakespeare on stage
Shakespear costume design
Intallation art
Shakespeare in a Suitcase
Shakespeare on stage
Pop up installation
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