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Work undertaken with The McGuires Creative Studio
Micropolis - a miniature city made out of cardboard and inhabited by micro-men was produced as part of Land of Green Ginger for
Hull UK City Of Culture 2017.

Between the cracks and gaps of the city, tiny people go about their normal, everyday lives.
Using the constant stream of rubbish discarded by humans, they’ve been gathering, recycling and building, sidestepping the eyes
and feet of giants to build their own world; it’s a sprawling and vibrant Micropolis.

Enter a world of skyscrapers, homes, shop fronts, bars and gardens, a city built on ingenuity and the desire to survive and grow.
Catch a glimpse of a miniature party in full swing and seek out the Town Crier’s news. From butchers to burlesque dancers, window
cleaners to workmen, familiar lives and faces unfold in perfect miniature.

Photos by Chris Pepper
Set design
Projection mapping
Paper art
Miniature amusement park
Projection mapping
installation art
Paper art
audience interaction
micro men
paper art
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